LaToya Franklyn, actress

Beyond Happy 🙂

“I had an amazing shoot with Claudia. At first I was nervous because I have been using the same photographer for the past four years. But I recently relocated to Los Angeles, so I had to cut the cord and find a new photographer. Claudia put all of my concerns at ease right at our first phone conversation. She was so pleasant and enthusiastic. During the shoot, she gave great direction and really helped me to bring out very specific and intentional facial expressions. My headshots speak volumes and I am confident they will get me more auditions. I am so so grateful for Claudia. And her rate is unbeatable…so good I had to refer a friend, who also scheduled to shoot with Claudia in the next two weeks. Take advantage of this great offer while it last because you wont find another photographer of this caliber at this price. Claudia is truly a rare gem. Below are some of my favorites from the shoot. Please note these have not been retouched as yet. But even so, they are awesome :)”

– LaToya Frankly, actor


“Claudia is a GIFT & hidden TREASURE! She is patient (never felt rushed during the shoot and quick replies to my emails before and after the shoot), has keen eye for details, communicative, friendly and it’s clear she loves being a photographer. Most importantly, the entire shoot was relaxed and casual so you can be freed up and accessible; Claudia knows how to capture your essence allowing the real you to shine!

Immediately after each shot’s been taken you can see it on a large monitor, hence, you get to adjust as you go ensuring you get the shots you need in real time. Couple hours after my shoot, Claudia emailed my proofs.

I finally found a photographer I can keep going back to; furthermore, both my agent and mgr love the pictures!

– Peggy Lu, actor

Peggy Lu, actress
Jojo Mag, actor

Nothing But Results

“I’ve been chasing my dreams as an actor since 1999. Let me tell you, Ms. Claudia Hoag is Amazing and the best photographer I ever had in my 18 years in the acting industry.
She is professional and you can feel her passion in her and the photos. Also, her very positive vibes and humor made makes you feel relaxed, at easy, and brings your best look out naturally.
Absolutely am I recommending her to any fellow-actor for headshots. Already have a fellow-actor getting his next headshots done by her soon.
I thank you, Ms. Hoag for an exceptional job.”

– JoJo Mag, actor